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Terms and Conditions

1. Premises

“Terms and Conditions” together with the information included in the confirmation e-mail of the booking represent the terms on the basis of which MIHIN TOURS agrees to make the Services available on the Site (as defined below). MIHIN TOURS offers its customers the opportunity to book and buy, through the website www.flysri.com, airline tickets.

Only Customers who have previously viewed and unconditionally accepted the present general conditions as part of the process of completing their booking will be able to use the Services offered by mihin tours and by Third Party Suppliers through this Site.

In the event that a Customer does not accept the general conditions, it will not be possible to complete the booking. These general conditions are effective from 01/10/2023.

Customers agree to fulfill the obligations set out in this document.

The contract between the Customer and the relevant Travel Service Provider enters into force as soon as MIHIN TOURS provides written confirmation of a reservation to the Client with Booking Confirmation e-mail.

MIHIN TOURS manages the Site which acts as an interface between the Customer and the different Travel Service Providers offering the Services.

When a reservation is made for a Service using the Site, a contract with the relevant Travel Service Provider for such Service.

These General Conditions apply to the offer and supply of Services through the Site and incorporate all applicable rules and restrictions made available to Client before the booking is completed and which the Client accepts at the time of reservation.

It is the Customer's responsibility to read these "Terms and Conditions" and the Rules e Restrictions applicable.

"Terms and Conditions" may be modified by MIHIN TOURS at any moment without warning.

2. Definitions

The following definitions have the same meaning in the plural and singular. The "Customer" is the one who books and / or purchases one or more Services offered on the Site. By "Fortuitous event or force majeure" we mean the factual situations as outlined, described and specified in art. 8.

"MIHIN TOURS SNC" is the company that provides the brokerage service for the purchase of airline tickets.

"Travel Service Provider" is any provider that makes the Services available, for example, an airline.

"Rules and Restrictions" means the terms and conditions applicable to the Services provided by Third Party Suppliers (including, among others, the conditions of air transport).

The term "Service" identifies any service offered on the Site, including the booking of travel services and related payment management services.

"Site" refers to the web page at the address: www.flysri.com or www.mihin.it

3. Customer obligations

The Site provides travel services and acts as an interface in transactions made with the Travel Service Providers.

The Client must have the legal capacity to conclude contracts at the time of booking, as well as the necessary authorization or power to act for or in the name of any person included in a reservation and must use the Site in compliance with these General Conditions and the conditions use of the Site.

The Client assures and confirms that the details provided with reference to all parts of the reservation are complete and accurate and that all parties have agreed to be bound to these “Terms and Conditions”.

The Customer is the person responsible for the reservation, who is obliged to:

  • to verify and ensure the correctness of the date and time of the flight, of the payment purchase price of the services;
  • to make any request for modification or cancellation;
  • to pay any additional expenses related to the reservation.

The Client agrees to verify all descriptions in the travel documents received after the booking and immediately inform MIHIN TOURS in case of errors o other circumstances including cases where personal details do not match those shown on passports of those traveling by reservation. The Customer is responsible for the activities carried out through the Site.

The Customer guarantees the accuracy of the personal information entered by him on the Site and, in case, information on people traveling with him.

4. Payment of the price

The prices of the Services booked on the Site must be paid to MIHIN TOURS. The Customer will make the payment through the systems made available to MIHIN TOURS, including any commissions applied, also in relation to the conversion of currency.

Subsequently, MIHIN TOURS will send the Customer a confirmation e-mail of the event reservation. The confirmation email contains a copy of the purchase details, which will be available also in the dedicated area of ​​the individual Customer.

In the event that any data is not correctly reported or the Customer does not receive one confirmation e-mail within 24 hours, the customer is required to promptly contact without delay the Customer Assistance Service by e-mail info@flysri.com.it or by telephone at no. +3900239666276 , +393283336497. If there are other problems, for example a transaction fails, or if yes if there is a problem during the booking, it could happen that, due to the current system of payment regulated by the international credit card associations, result amounts for an equal amount are temporarily blocked on the customer's credit card to the total or partial cost of the planned purchase.

In this circumstance, MIHIN TOURS does not debit the account of the Customer. The ticket will be issued and sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the Customer within 24 hours subsequent to the acquisition of the payment by MIHIN TOURS.

The prices and the conditions of the tariffs are subject to variations even without notice.

The customer who has paid only the deposit for the seat reservation is informed of the fact that this amount does not refer to cost comprehensive of the travel document.

Although airlines are entitled to change prices at any time up to day of departure, this variation will be applied to the issuance of the ticket, in case of down payment paid at the time of booking.

This circumstance represents an exception since the ticket issue prices not they are normally subject to variation.

For customers who have paid only the down payment, any price increase will be subject to separate communication and MIHIN TOURS has no responsibility for the case of changes with respect to the original price have occurred.

4.1 Information relating to the price currency

The prices and fares provided for some flights departing outside the Italian territory they might be subject to a different currency, in relation to which MIHIN TOURS will provide an estimate in EURO.

The actual amount charged by the airline may vary slightly a it causes the fluctuation of exchange rates applied by the various card issuers of credit.

In addition, the Client's statement may include a commission applied by the issuer of credit card for processing the transaction with a currency other than the EURO.

MIHIN TOURS will in no way be responsible for the charges relating to the change in exchange rates and for the fees charged by each card issuer of credit.

4.2 Prices and information on the Site

The price of the Services will be that indicated from time to time on the Site, except in the case of an error poster material. All applicable taxes and charges are included in the price.

Some airlines may request additional and / or other baggage fees price increases.

However, the purchased fare is not guaranteed until payment of the price.

Tickets purchased at discounted and / or low-cost fares are non-refundable or changeable, except expressed a different provision. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to make sure that the ticket purchased be editable.

Prices are subject to updates at any time; however these changes do not will affect bookings already accepted, except for those for which the customer has poured out a mere advance to block the reservation.

If the customer, after having paid only the deposit for the reservation, does not proceed with the balance for the purchase of the ticket and the same has already been issued, MIHIN TOURS will withhold from said deposit the penalty to be paid by the customer provided by the company, without prejudice to the greater to have.

Although MIHIN TOURS strives to do its best to avoid mistakes, the price of some Services indicated on the Site may not be correct.

MIHIN TOURS reserves the right to correct any material errors poster on the price, on the website and / or with respect to bookings made incorrectly at the price indicated.

In such cases, when possible, MIHIN TOURS will offer the customer the opportunity to choose between keeping your reservation at the correct price or canceling your reservation without penalties for the customer.

MIHIN TOURS is in no way obliged to provide the Services to the Customer to a lower price incorrectly indicated, even after the Customer has sent the confirmation of the booking.

5. Modification of the reservation

In the event of a request for modification of the reservation by the customer, MIHIN TOURS will provide, in the name and on behalf of the customer, based on the following conditions:

  • The modification of the reservation, on tickets with restrictions, may determine the application from penalties charged to the customer, without prejudice to any higher price from match if due.
  • The modification of the reservation, on tickets without limitations, does not involve the application of penalties but only the payment of any higher price of the new ticket, inclusive from all the costs, taxes and tariffs applied by the carrier.
  • Changes to reservations can also be requested more than once a condition that this is permitted by the travel policies in use at the selected carrier.
  • In any case, MIHIN TOURS will charge a commission for the service of modification of the reservation, equal to € 20 for each ticket and each time the edit if possible.

If, at the time of the booking change, the rate applied by the carrier should be lower than the price already paid, including taxes and charges, MIHIN TOURS Not will refund the customer for any difference.

The customer can contact the Customer Assistance Service by e-mail to info@flysri.com.it or by calling n. +390239666276 or +393283336497.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

The Customer is informed that the cancellation of the ticket is subject to the policies in matter adopted by the chosen single air carrier. Ticket cancellation is subject to the following conditions:

  • 1) the cancellation of tickets with restrictions may result in the application of penalties a load of the customer;
  • 2) the cancellation of tickets without limitations may not lead to the application of penalties;
  • 3) in any case, MIHIN TOURS will apply a commission for the service of cancellation, equal to € 25, for each canceled ticket, sum that MIHIN TOURS will deduct from the amount refunded to the customer.

The refund request is sent by MIHIN TOURS, in the name and on behalf of the customer, carrier and is subject to processing times according to the airline's policy chosen, as well as the amount of the sums due net of penalties and the methods of accreditation of the refunds themselves. The reimbursement procedure, once activated, is intended to be defined in a term, merely indicative, which oscillates between 6 and 10 weeks.

7. Conditions of Air Carriage

It is recommended that the customer check-in at least three hours before departure in case from international flights and at least two hours before departure in the case of domestic flights. Furthermore, the Client is advised to calculate sufficient time in case they should delays for journeys involving connecting flights, in particular when the transfer to another airport.

MIHIN TOURS recommends customers with particular needs regarding seats a sit down to check in early.

It is the Client's responsibility to comply with the instructions of the airline and any other supplier, in particular, with regard to flight check-in times.

In particular, the Customer is aware and accepts that:

  • MIHIN TOURS has no control over the allocation of seats, even if booked in advance with the airline, and does not guarantee that specific seats they will be available at departure;
  • MIHIN TOURS has no control over any indication of flight time indicated by the Third Party Air Service Provider. This information is to be understood as indicative and subject to modification and confirmation. Flight schedules use the 24 hours and departures are based on the time zone of the flight location and may vary according to lists of the flights, type of aircraft, weather conditions, etc. From any indication of the hours expenses in flight includes the time spent on the ground during stops on the road or for connections with other flights; therefore, such notices serve only as a guide and may be subject to changes and confirmations;
  • it may be necessary to confirm the return flight with the airline (no longer late from 72 hours before the scheduled flight date). It is the Customer's responsibility to confirm the own return journey in compliance with the terms of the Third Party Air Service Provider. In case from open air tickets, seats are subject to availability and we recommend reserve the return flight as soon as possible;
  • in the event that the Customer books a round trip flight and does not use the voyage of departure, the airline may cancel the return trip without paying any reimbursement. This may also happen if the return flight is not used either also when the entire journey is not used. The Customer must use the coupons for the flights in sequence;
  • in case of special or charter flights, the name of the airline, the estimated time, the guy from aircraft, the itinerary and the possible intermediate stops are to be understood as indicative of the flight outbound and return flight during the journey. In accordance with the Rules and Restrictions applicable, such flights, aircraft types and flight numbers may be subject to modification and may be postponed fup to 24 hours, even without confirmation;
  • additional costs may be imposed by some airlines for meals, luggage, choice of the seating, etc. MIHIN TOURS is not responsible for these additional costs and the information on the same contained in the Site are provided as simple indications e will be able to be changed by the airline at any time;
  • the Customer must comply with all applicable Rules and Restrictions concerning the women pregnant. In particular, the Customer is reminded that airlines can reserve from refuse to board pregnant women if, based on their assessment, the advanced pregnancy may involve the risk of premature birth during the flight;
  • the Customer must comply with all applicable Rules and Restrictions concerning the transport of children and in particular that children older than 2 years on the date of return must have a round trip ticket at a child fare for both the gone that for the return flight. Customers who do not comply with this requirement will not have right to refunds for additional seating costs incurred during the journey. The children to the under 2 years of age will not have an assigned seat on the aircraft, unless it has been booked a child fare for them;
  • unaccompanied minors under the age of 14 will be accepted for transport only in compliance with applicable Rules and Restrictions ;,
  • in the event that the trip involves stops in several airports, it is the customer's responsibility to organize the related transfers and verify the possession of any transit permits and visas required;
  • if the trip involves transit in different terminals, it is the customer's responsibility request the visa for the passage between the terminals, by contacting, if necessary, the relevant embassy or the carrier directly to ascertain the possession of a suitable title for the passage between terminal.
For more tips on preparing for an air flight please refer to Service Customer Service.

7.1 Travel documents

Travel documents required for a Service requested through the Site will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Booking Customer at the time of booking.

MIHIN TOURS or the Travel Service Provider cannot be held responsible if the delivery or making available of the travel documents is revealed impossible due to an error made by the Booking Customer in providing his personal data or your e-mail address.

7.2 Passports, Visas, Administrative and / or health rules

In the case of international travel: the customer is responsible for compliance with the requirements necessary to enter a foreign country and that travel documents, such as passports andd visas (from transit, for commercial purposes, as a tourist, etc.) are valid and meet all the requisites required from Foreign state to enter.

MIHIN TOURS does not have specific knowledge of the required entry requirements from foreign states or travel documents nor is it obliged to provide specific information in tal sense.

It is therefore recommended that the Customer inquire about the prohibitions, warnings, announcements, and advice provided by the competent administrations of the various foreign states.

As for the health rules, the vaccinations suggested for the trip may therefore vary yes advises the customer to consult their doctor before departure, being responsible for compliance with the health requirements necessary to enter the foreign country, taking care to carry out the recommended vaccinations and to respect the other suggestions doctors and travel related health. Health information for those who intend to travel can be consult the website http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/.

From an administrative point of view, some states have such immigration policies the passport is valid for a minimum period after the Customer enters the territory of that country, typically equal to 6 months.

If a Customer's passport is in its last year of validity, the Customer is advised from check destination requirement before making final travel plans.

The name of the passport must match the name on the ticket, otherwise the Customer will not be able to travel.

Please note: it may take some time to obtain a visa; therefore, we recommend that Customers to apply well in advance.

Visa requirements may vary, therefore Customers must update themselves on any changes to the requirements applicable to seen before booking and the start of the trip.

MIHIN TOURS cannot be held responsible in the event that it is prevented to the Customer to embark or enter a foreign country due to lack or not validity of passport, visas or other travel documents required by the company by air, by the authorities, from the foreign country including the countries where the customer will have to stop. Information in this regard can be consulted on the website http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/. All reasonable losses suffered by MIHIN TOURS due to non- compliance with Client's part of these rules will be charged to the Client.

Although most trips, including trips to international destinations, do end without incident, journeys to certain destinations may involve a risk greater than others. MIHIN TOURS invites passengers to check and hold into consideration any travel prohibition, notice, announcement or communication issued by national or international authorities before booking trips to international destinations. Information on conditions in various countries and the level of risk associated with travel to particular international destinations can be checked on http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/.

The offer of tourist services in certain international destinations does not imply that there MIHIN TOURS affirm or guarantee that traveling to those destinations is recommended or risk-free.

All travelers wishing to enter or transit through the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) will have to apply for authorization to travel using the System Electronic for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Sufficient time (at least 72 hours prior to departure) must be calculated for submit an ESTA authorization application.

For further information, please visit the website http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/ or the website of the United States Department of Homeland Security https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov.

Some countries are introducing new requirements for air carriers in relation to supply from personal information concerning all travelers carried on their planes.

The data will be collected when the Customer checks in at the airport or, in some circumstances, at the time the Client makes the reservation.

Consequently, the Customer is advised to calculate a longer time to carry out the check in for your flight.

7.3 Liability

An airline's liability for death, personal injury and other damages is normally limited by national law, international transport treaties, or by e Airline restrictions, including conditions of carriage.

7.4 Electronic ticket

An e-ticket is a paperless ticket.

The Customer using this ticket, except in cases where online check-in is allowed, must go to the check-in desk of the relevant airline and show a valid ID travel (passport, visa, identity card, etc.) in order to receive your boarding pass. The Client must strictly observe the check-in times.

7.5 Airlines

Customers are advised that in some cases flights booked with an airline may to be carried out by another airline - details of the operating airline, where different, will be indicated on the site. The airline providing the flight will charge the cost of the flight to the Customer and will appear as the seller on the Customer's credit card or on the extract I count. Payment may also be charged by other Third Party Providers for the Services booked; however, the total cost charged will not exceed the total price of the Service.

7.6 Compensation for missed boarding

The airline may provide for compensatory remedies in favor of the Customer if the itself cancel or delay a flight, you are unable to provide space in advance confirmed, you do not stop at a stop or final destination of a Client, or cause the Client the loss of a connection that the customer had booked.

8. Fortuitous event and force majeure

In these "Terms and Conditions", when we refer to unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure we mean a situation that is beyond the control of the party invoking that situation and and whose consequences could not be avoided even by taking all reasonable measures. This could include for example war, other serious security problems such as the terrorism, significant risks to human health such as the outbreak of a serious disease in the place of destination or natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or weather conditions that make it impossible to travel safely to the destination.

9. Insurance

The prices indicated on the Site do not include travel insurance.

10. Customer Service and Complaint Management

The customer who intends to lodge a complaint must submit it exclusively by e-mail at the address info@flysri.com .it, within a period not exceeding ten days from the end of the trip. Events such as loss, theft, damage or there late delivery of baggage or personal effects of passengers, because of direct responsibility of the carrier.

11. Responsibility

In relation to the purchase of the Services, MIHIN TOURS acts as an intermediary between Customer and the Travel Service Provider and, therefore, MIHIN TOURS (also in the in the event that the price is charged) will not be responsible for the non-fulfillment by the party of the Travel Service Providers of obligations relating to the Services provided to the Client. The Travel Service Providers provide MIHIN TOURS with the information that describe the services listed on the MIHIN TOURS

Website MIHIN TOURS will not be responsible for any inaccuracies relating to information, except and only to the extent that it is not directly responsible for such inaccuracies.

12. The right of withdrawal

Pursuant to the combined provisions of articles 47 letter g) and m) and 59 paragraph 1 letter n) of Code del Consume does not apply the right of withdrawal provided for in articles 52 and following of Code of Consumption.

13. Applicable law

These General Conditions are governed by Italian law, excluding applicability of the Law 218/95 ("Reform of the Italian system of private international law"). The Customer agrees that the Italian judicial authority will have jurisdiction in relation to each any dispute arising from the interpretation and / or deriving from these “Terms and Conditions ".

14. Final provisions

Should the competent judicial authority deem it invalid, illegal or unenforceable a any provision, or part thereof, of these "Terms and Conditions", that layout, or part of it, cannot be considered part of this contract with the Customer within the limits of the measure requested and the others of provisions will remain applicable.

Any case of force majeure, including the interruption of the means of communication or one strike of carriers, hoteliers or air traffic controllers, will result in the suspension of the obligations contained in these "Terms and Conditions" that are affected by the event of force major and the party affected by the force majeure event will not be liable for the impossibility to fulfill these obligations.